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Nearly 60% of human body weight consists of water and so does about 71% of the earth surface on which we live. Water is very important for every life on the earth and it is the basic right of every person to have access to clean drinking water, for which we would like to make sure to have clean environment with fresh water.

AITAR provides Water Planning and Management Services to Localities, Cities and State Level Planning agencies requirements in collaboration with various partners from India and abroad. We also provide solutions for very difficult to remove and hard to treat wastewater and drinking water treatments. Our main collaborator for these services is the Fraunhofer Water Systems Alliance (SysWasser) and you can learn more about their capabilities here.

Further, it is also important to maintain clean environment in production of different Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), especially in food processing, bottling and pharmaceuticals companies with the best hygiene practices.

AITAR provides Hygiene Technologies required for the Food and Beverages as well as Pharmaceutical Industries, which are very important for their clean production to ensure the high quality standards required in the industry. For more details on the various Hygiene products please visit our partner and you can kindly download the product portfolio of the company here.